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Wingmen to the End

Wingmen to the end small.jpg

Description from Valor Studios website.

December 3, 1950: Ens. Jesse Brown and Lt. Tom Hudner respond to a call for close air support from the Marines below. In temperatures as low as -20 degrees, 30,000 Marines and Army soldiers fight against an encirclement of 120,000 Chinese troops. The pilots have flown through snow squalls and dodged mountain peaks to make their attacks, and ultimately, they'll buy time for friendly forces to break out from the trap. The next day, Brown would be shot down and Hudner would crash-land to try to save his friend. Although Hudner's attempt would fall short and Brown would give his life, their heroism as wingmen would echo for eternity 

Print available from Valor -

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 53cm.


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