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Clash over the Ore


September 11 1944 would see a bloody battle fought out over the Ore mountains on the border between Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Mission 623 was to see the Eighth Air Force deal Nazi Germany's oil production plants a major blow, amongst the participants was the 100th Bomb Group. One of the most well known of the US bomber units, the group had the hard earned nickname 'The Bloody 100th'.


On this day, the B-17s of the unit were again to cement their reputation for bravery and tragedy.

The group, without it's fighter escort was set upon by the Sturmbocks of 2nd gruppe/Jagdgeschwader 4. Recently formed, the unit was eager to enter the fray, in the ensuing chaos the 100th was to lose 15 bombers while Jg-4 lost 18 Fw190s and 19 Bf109s.

Only with the arrivial of the 339th and 55th FGs would the B-17s finally recieve help.


It would be a devastating day for both sides. However, the setback would be a temporary one for the USAAF, the losses were soon replaced and the 100th would soon be over Germany again.

The Luftwaffe could ill afford the loss of pilots and aircraft, and September 11 would be yet another nail in the Reich's coffin.

Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 60cm


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