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During the ferocious battles that followed the allied landings in Normandy in June 6th 1944 German ground troops found themselves under relentless attack from allied aircraft. Amongst the most notorious from the German perspective was the RAF's Typhoon, a disappointment as a fighter it then went on to excel in the ground attack role.


'Bottleneck' represents the final days of the campaign in which the Reich's panzer divisions desperately looked to escape the encircling allied armies. Crammed into a small area known as the 'Falaise Gap' the once mighty Tiger and Panther tanks proved easy prey for the rocket armed Typhoons.


In this painting Squadron Leader Jack Collins leads, having launched their rockets, 245 Squadron into a low level strafing pass against the hapless German troops hemmed in along the narrow Normandy country lanes.

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 53cm.


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