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Falcons over Iwo

Falcons over Iwo small.jpg

Description from Valor Studios website.

February 19, 1945: It’s D-Day in the Pacific as the F4U Corsairs of VMF-221, the “Fighting Falcons,” rip over the beachhead. Meanwhile, the men of the 4th and 5th Marine divisions battle inland. For many of them, it’s the first time they’ve witnessed Marine Close Air Support, and the impression is resounding: “It was magnificent!”

For “Fighting Falcons” pilots like 2nd Lt. Dean Caswell, an extra dose of motivation has them “scrapping their bellies” to deliver their strikes: they’re flying for their fellow Marines. And the Japanese notice, radioing that “The enemy’s air control is very strong... aircraft are flying ceaselessly.” Before the day ends, 30,000 Americans will have successfully landed on Iwo Jima bringing VJ-Day one step closer

Print available from Valor -

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 50cm.


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