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The Lifeline


Description from Valor Studios website.

Braving intense fire, Maj. Bruce “Snake” Crandall flares his UH-1 Huey for landing while Capt. Ed “Too Tall” Freeman follows him into LZ X-Ray during the first major battle of Vietnam War. Others refused to fly into this hot LZ, but not the men of the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. Their Hueys carry ammunition and water urgently needed by Lt. Col. Hal Moore’s battalion, who fight tenaciously to hold a perimeter. Inside the lead Huey, reporter Joe Galloway clutches an M-16. He’s now part of the story, a witness to the heroism of Crandall, Freeman, and the helo crews who maintain the lifeline into Ia Drang. Crandall and Freeman will have spent 14 hours in the air by the end of the day. They’ll have carried out 70 wounded and both will be awarded Medal of Honor for it. Why take such risks? Crandall put it best: “They were my people down there.”

Print available from Valor -


Oil on canvas, 100cm x 50cm.


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