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Black Thursday

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Description from Valor Studios website.

October 14, 1943: Deep into Germany and with their fighter escort gone, the bomber boys of the 8th Air Force are in the fight of their lives. More than three hundred “unrelenting” Luftwaffe fighters are trying to make them do the unthinkable: to turn back.

The ball bearing factories at Schweinfurt lay ahead, it’s a crucial target, and that leaves the 8th with one option: to fight their way through the maelstrom. Jousts ensue at 23,000 feet as JG 3 ace Alfred Surau attacks in his Bf-109G. Sixty bombers will fall, including this B-17, “Wabbit-Twacks III,” of the 96th Bomb Group.

Today, “Black Thursday,” will be the costliest mission in 8th Air Force history, but in a mere six days the “Mighty Eighth” will be back in action, and within five months American bombs will rain on Berlin. 

Print available from Valor -

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 53cm.

Artist's collection

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