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Tip of the Spear


Commissioned by Valor Studios, the following description is from Valor's website.


They had answered the call. In the last hours of the last day of the battle for Cologne, a “monster” of an enemy tank had parked itself at the cathedral.

It was a Panther, the “Pride of the Wehrmacht,” and already it had knocked-out two Shermans, daring anyone else to come forward. The crew of the T26E3 named “Eagle 7” obliged them. Three shots rang out, three hits echoed, and the Panther went up in flames.

Now, the men of the Spearhead Division race to the finish line at the Rhine. White flags are waving and spoils await the victors. No crew is more deserving than the men of “Eagle 7.” They had led the way through the city. They had gone forward into history’s most famous tank duel, and they had won it. Cologne is theirs.

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 60cm.


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