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Last one home


Although the Fairey Swordfish, affectionately known as the 'Stringbag', was very much of another time it played a vital role for the Fleet Air Arm during World War 2.


One of those missions was to fly antisubmarine patrols over the unforgiving Atlantic. Operating off the postage stamp sized decks of Royal Navy escort carriers they would fly many miles from their home deck looking for marauding U-boats. Along with corvettes and destroyers, the Swordfish must have supplied the convoy crews a degree of security within this dangerous environment.


'Last one home' depicts an 825 Squadron 'Stringbag' lining up for recovery aboard HMS Vindex. After a long patrol over the steely waters of the Atlantic the sight of the carrier churning through the choppy water must have been a relief for the tired crew.

Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 35cm


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