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Double Trouble

Double Trouble small.jpg

During the winter of 1944/45 the fighter escorts of the Eighth Air Force would wreak havoc on the hard pressed  Wehrmacht supply lines. Fufilling their primary role of protecting the bomber streams from an every dwindling fighter threat, the US fighters were free to drop to the deck and search out enemy ground based targets.

'Double Trouble' depicts one since instance where 355th FG ace, Lt. Gordon Graham, and his wingman have chanced upon a German Kriegslok out in the open. With steam escaping from the damaged locomotive, the train's only hope is to find a nearby tunnel before the marauding Mustangs finish the job.

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 30cm.


Double Trouble close 1.jpg
Double Trouble close 2.jpg
Double Trouble close 3.jpg
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