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Commissioned by Valor Studios, the following description is from Valor's website.


Months after landing in Normandy, the men of the Third Armored Division have become the first to conquer a major German city since Napoleon.

A day prior, the tankers had heard their commander: “Gentlemen, I give you Cologne. Let’s knock the hell out of it!”

With armored infantry clearing the flanks, this M26 Pershing, "Eagle 7," led the charge, defeating a Panzer IV, then a Panther tank at the cathedral. Now, they’ve reached the Rhine.

As the Shermans circle around, Cpl. Clarence Smoyer draws SSgt. Bob Early’s attention to the German heartland across the river. It’s time to radio back to headquarters: “Cologne is in American hands.”

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 60cm.


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